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Aloe Vera and its colors

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

What color should Aloe Vera gel be?

Aloe Vera, being one of the most popular medicinal plants in the world for hundreds of years, is one of the best-selling natural products on the market. Normally, we find this product (in different presentations) in points of sale such as pharmacies, health food and botanical stores, mega markets and mini markets. However, do you know what color pure and natural Aloe Vera should have? Have you ever wondered if Aloe gels with an intense green color have the same properties as the lighter ones? We will talk about all this and more today... To begin, we will tell you where the raw material (Aloe Vera plants or crops) comes from, they are generally crops from tropical and desert areas, where the sun, humidity, temperature and water have a very important influence on the plant and therefore so in your gel. In Venezuela, we have the ideal soil for the cultivation and development of Aloe Vera, specifically in the Falcón State, whose geographical location allows this plant to develop in perfect conditions of climate, humidity and soil, always under adequate sun and rain seasons. for the same. It is in these Falconian lands that Terraloe has its plantation and raw material production.

Now, does the cultivation of the plants have anything to do with the final color of the Aloe Vera that we buy?

Absolutely! A pure or natural Aloe Vera product is not loaded with preservatives, nor should it be bleached. Therefore, the natural thing is that it resembles the plant's own hue, which ranges from transparent to slightly yellow tones.

So, the season of cutting the plants, whether in the rainy or dry season, the exposure of the raw material to sunlight and high temperatures, can be factors that change the color of the natural Aloe Vera gel, since It has no preservatives and goes through an oxidation process like all natural products.

It is because of these 3 factors mentioned above that pure and 100% natural Aloe Vera products (such as Terraloe) have shades between transparent and slightly yellow.

What about gels that are green in color or absolutely transparent?

Those Aloe Vera gels or products that exist on the market, with very transparent or deep green tones, are products that go through chemical processes of discoloration or pigmentation, which although they give a different image to the product, it is super important to know that it goes through additional chemical processes, thus losing many of its properties; In addition, it lowers the concentration of its active components that make it the healing wonder that it is! What do we recommend? Whenever you look for and consume natural and organic products, look at the product label and make sure that its main component is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera Terraloe Jelly guarantees a high concentration of more than 200 active components present in Aloe Vera. Our raw material is cultivated following the organic cultivation protocols of the European Union, and the handling and packaging processes are natural without additional chemical processes that affect the quality of the Aloe that you consume when you use Terraloe.

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