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Clean your skin from the inside with TERRALOE

Taking care of our skin is something that concerns us all. Showing off healthy and hydrated skin is a reflection of our state of health in general, which is why taking care of our skin is essential.

In general, there are several factors that we know of and that affect the health of the skin, such as the sun and pollution (external factors), but… Did you know that there are internal factors, such as our diet, that greatly affect the health of the skin? For example, consuming foods high in saturated fats promotes the appearance of blackheads and the appearance of oily skin; On the other hand, by not hydrating properly, it makes the skin look dry and dull. This is why, for the good health of the skin, it is important to control our diet; In general, we should consume natural products that provide vitamins to our body and help us stay healthy and hydrated. Terraloe is a product that has it all, its high content of antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements, make it an ideal product to take care of the skin from within. In this way, by consuming Terraloe daily we assure our organisms of all the benefits of Aloe Vera for the skin. In this sense, Terraloe acts as a regenerator of tissues and as an anti-inflammatory. Also, it helps prevent wrinkles or expression lines, in addition, thanks to its high content of collagen and elastin, it favors the appearance of smooth skin. Similarly, because it contains saponin, it improves the appearance of oily skin and reduces the appearance of blackheads. On the other hand, it is very important to always be hydrated with water, but it is also necessary to include products in our daily diet that, like Terraloe, help us to stay not only hydrated due to its high water content, but also healthy in order to show off a healthy skin and take advantage of all the medicinal benefits it offers. In conclusion, the care of our skin does not depend only on the quantity or variety of products that we apply on it, but a large part of the care of our skin must be done from within. Our recommendation is to take care of your diet and follow a diet low in fat, especially saturated fat. In addition, it is important to include natural and quality foods or products that provide your body with what it needs to be healthy. Frequent consumption of Terraloe will help take care of the health of your skin from within. Tip: To keep your skin healthy, smooth, clean and hydrated, include 3 to 4 tablespoons of Terraloe in your juices, smoothies, salads or infusions. The key is consistency.

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