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It's time for HEALTHY HABITS!

Much is said today about healthy habits, but do you know exactly what they are? The reality is that many of us do not have much idea or information about how to lead a healthy life or how to integrate healthy habits into our daily lives.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

Leading a healthy life implies living in harmony, that is, maintaining the best quality of life that we can achieve. For this, it is important to pay attention to several aspects, knowing each other is essential to prepare properly, choose and work on those habits that provide us with health, well-being, balance, in short, improve the quality of life, awakening in us a need to renew ourselves, and Above all, to take better care of our body inside and out.

At Terraloe we have a couple of good suggestions to help you improve your habits and lifestyle. Would you like to know them?

Well here we go!

The first important tip: HIDRATATION

Good hydration is essential for the optimal functioning of our body, since it provides many mineral salts, which is why it is also crucial in the functioning of the cells of the body and of organs, such as the heart and the kidney, in addition, it regulates body temperature . Therefore, hydrating our body by drinking water, other healthy drinks and eating foods rich in water is a fundamental requirement to take care of our health.

How can Terraloe help you with hydration?

Aloe Vera is one of the ideal plants to promote hydration naturally, since it is composed of 97% water, therefore, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of Terraloe Aloe Vera Crystals to your drinks, infusions, smoothies , or simply take them with a glass of water, will improve hydration and help take care of yourself naturally.

Terraloe is a practical and convenient option for daily consumption of aloe, as it is made with the highest quality raw material, grown 100% organically on our plantation.

And, our second suggestion is: NUTRITION

A varied and balanced diet is essential for good health. Now what does this mean? To begin with, it is good to clarify that a balanced diet is one where all essential nutrients are consumed, giving priority to vegetables, fruits, proteins and fatty foods.

This is why buying healthy foods is the best way to change your diet and make it easier to prepare a balanced menu every week, and the best thing is that it helps to avoid temptations! Choose mainly healthy foods, rich in fibers, nutrients and low in sugars and calories (put your food priorities in order).

Terraloe is a great ally for a healthier diet, since it works as a food supplement

One way to introduce Aloe Vera in our diet and improve health in general is to add Aloe Vera Terraloe Crystals to your snacks, salads, soups. Although its best known uses are not gastronomic, Terraloe is an ideal ingredient to consume directly or add it to any type of preparation or dessert. Enrich your salads, jellies, cold soups and even mix with yogurt or fruit to make healthy breakfasts or snacks. Give them a different texture, softer, you will be pleasantly surprised, plus you will be providing much more fiber, vitamins and nutrients to your meals.

In conclusion, healthy habits contribute to maintaining our well-being and health in general, having a positive attitude can also help maintain our self-esteem and improve the perception of ourselves. Don't wait any longer, with Terraloe that healthy life you dream of so much is easier and with a sweet taste!

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