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We are TERRALOE. We grow well-being!

We are TERRALOE. We grow well-being!

We are a company that was born in 2017 with the purpose of recovering and promoting the Aloe Vera industry in Venezuela, that was abandoned since the 90s. We have excellent soil and atmospheric conditions for the development of premium quality Aloe Vera.

We sow and grow our own plants!

In our TERRALOE plantation we practice organic and sustainable agriculture, in this way we ensure that our raw material is Aloe Vera 100% organic and with the highest quality, with a high concentration of more than 200 active components necessary for the proper functioning of the human body.

On this occasion we want introduce you our TERRALOE Aloe Vera Jelly, which is aloe vera gel cut into mini chunks, extracted from fresh leaves, washed, pasteurized and free of aloin (a substance present in aloe vera, which if consumed improperly can be potentially toxic to the body), ready to consume as preferred.

Live Healthy with TERRALOE!

Our Aloe Vera Jelly are loaded with:

This is why they are an ideal food supplement to maintain good health and obtain a better quality of life.

Do you know how and when to use our Aloe Vera Jelly? Don't worry, we're here to help you! We want to share with you some recommendations that you can get the most out of our product:

By just including 3 to 4 tablespoons of Terraloe Jelly in your daily diet, you will be providing your body with all the benefits of Aloe Vera to achieve a better quality of life.

Proudly Venezuelan!

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