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A sustainable land 🌍💚

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

At present there are many people, communities and companies that seek to communicate the importance of stopping those actions that are being carried out in the world and damage the environment, that seek to raise awareness about the current situation of the Earth and the consequences that could bring you to the next generations. However, some seek to communicate and raise awareness, but few manage to apply actions that really help.

In our case, Industria Terraloe, we feel a great commitment that entails a great responsibility not only with the environment but also with our workers and clients. So, in addition to raising awareness, we also take action!

How do we do it?

At Industrias Terraloe we comply with the "Good Agricultural Practices" protocols, which is nothing more than a set of principles, standards and technical recommendations applicable to the production, processing and transportation of food, aimed at ensuring the protection hygiene, human health and the environment.

But, more specifically, it can be said that in our plantation in the Falcón State we consider ourselves a Sustainable Aloe Vera Land, since we do not use any type of chemicals or pesticides that are harmful to the environment, quite the opposite. To keep the plantation in good condition and offer quality aloe vera, we use our own organic products from Aloe Vera, our fertilizers, repellents and rooting agents are 100% natural since they come from the same aloe vera stalk.

The natural fertilizer that we apply is called BIOLaloe, it is a Terraloe product at an industrial level that is composed of the juice of the aloe leaf itself, it is rich in phytohormones and it is an excellent product to promote optimal biological activity for any type of crop.

The natural repellent is made up of the yellow liquid of the aloe vera, called acibar, which is ideal as a pest exterminator.

Finally, there is the natural rooting agent that we apply, which is made up of our plant's gel. This gel is excellent for root development throughout its life cycle, allows it to have greater growth and absorption of nutrients and of the water.

In addition to applying these eco-friendly actions, as an Industry we also want to send a message:

We firmly believe in sustainability as a tool to take advantage of the available resources that an Industry has and achieve the objectives in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

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