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All about natural foods

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

"The more natural, the better", surely you have heard that phrase more than once, especially when talking about food, well, the truth is that the more natural the food you eat is, the more you will take advantage of its benefits and your body will appreciate it. .

Let's start with a brief definition of what natural foods are:

Natural foods are those of vegetable or animal origin that must meet a single characteristic: they must not have added any component such as salt, sugar, sweeteners, fats, additives or any other component that implies an industrial treatment, since otherwise it would be processed food.

In this way, by not having added these components, it allows the body to take better advantage of all the benefits that nature provides, achieving a healthy diet. When food is little or not at all processed, fresh and in season, it is when it is necessary to consume it since not only its flavor, color and smell will be in optimal conditions, but also its nutritional properties, vitamins and minerals.

There are several advantages of consuming healthy foods, the main one is about the benefits that they provide, which allows having or promoting a healthy diet, however, natural foods are normally much cheaper than processed ones and help the environment, as is the case of Aloe Vera or better known "sábila", this plant in addition to being able to use it as beauty treatments or consume it to improve health, at an environmental level it is also considered a purifying plant of the environment, since like any other plant, it oxygenates the air, but it also helps to eliminate harmful particles that are suspended in the air.

It is important to be clear that this does not mean that you have to consume only natural foods and prohibit processed foods, but that you have to know our body and learn to regulate the consumption of processed foods and increase natural ones.

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