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Knowing Terraloe: Aloe Vera Crystals

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

This wonderful product brings multiple benefits to human beings both internally and topically, so we want to present you with a curious fact about Aloe Vera that you surely did not imagine. Do you want to know? Continue reading!

Terraloe presents (in its 250gr package) Aloe Vera crystals, 100% organic, this plant is also known as aloe from Barbados, however, many people call it "the medicinal plant" whose use has been Very popular for thousands of years, no one could believe that so many benefits for humans could be found in one plant. Little by little different cultures were using this type of plant as a home remedy, to such an extent that cosmetic and food industries use it to develop their products; however, the gel it produces brings better results if it is not mixed with any chemicals.

As we mentioned before, Terraloe are Aloe Vera crystals, specifically from the 100% natural Barbadenis species (without chemicals or pesticides that can alter its internal properties), they have a high content of minerals and polysaccharides. In addition, it is a product that can be mixed in drinks, salads, for topical use, but it stands out for being the only one that can be consumed directly and is 100% natural.

We invite you to continue reading this Blog to discover many more things about this wonderful product!

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