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Contributions of cucumber and aloe vera in our body

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Recently we have been talking about the importance and benefits of unprocessed foods or natural foods, that's why in this blog we will talk about cucumber and aloe vera, two very natural and beneficial for health.

Cucumber is a highly refreshing vegetable due to its water content, in which the greater presence of vitamin C and B9 stands out. In addition, this vegetable provides fiber, provitamin A and Vitamin E. But what does all this mean?

By having vitamin A, it helps to have a good condition of the skin, hair, bones and vision, Vitamin E helps intervene in the stability of blood cells and Vitamin C has antioxidant action. This means that, by consuming cucumber in our salads or juices, we are not just consuming any natural food with vitamins and minerals, but a natural food that will bring health, stability, strength, and reinforcements to our body.

So, what happens when we combine these benefits with the properties that aloe vera has?

Cucumber and aloe vera are very similar, both fulfill very important functions in the body, such as the hydrating power they have, in addition, both improve digestion, the PH of the stomach and reflux.

For example, a green cucumber and aloe juice can help take care of the colon naturally, this organ is responsible for eliminating waste from the body and producing and storing feces, without a doubt, it is an organ that must be taken care of to avoid develop diseases, that is why prevention (consuming natural foods) is the best cure of all.

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