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Venezuelan lands, the best for the production of aloe vera

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We have known for many years that aloe vera is a "miraculous" medicinal plant, with multiple benefits that allow us to enjoy our health. Many of us, who include Terraloe aloe vera in our lives, consider that this wonderful plant takes care of us, which is why at Industrias Terraloe C.A we also take care of it!

Do you know in which areas the optimal growth of this plant is possible so that it provides the necessary benefits for our health? We tell you!

For the properties of aloe vera to be in the best possible conditions, the plant must grow in tropical or subtropical areas, in sandy, clayey, dry and calcareous soils.

In the western zone of Venezuela there are appropriate regions for the development of the cultivation of aloe vera. In our plantation, located in Falcón State, Venezuela, we have experts in the cultivation of aloe vera, who give it the care and follow-up they need. Likewise, thanks to our strategic geographical location, we have the ideal conditions of minerals, water and sunlight for the growth and development of the life of the Barbadensis Miller plant, the best of all aloe species, therefore, in Terraloe we obtain and we offer the best quality aloe vera products.

As an industry, we want to be the leader in the American continent in the cultivation, processing and transformation of premium organic Aloe Vera. Also, thanks to the excellent quality of our products, they are suitable for export and thus we contribute to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry.

If you want to see what our products are, you can enter the following link or go to the "Products" section in the upper bar.


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