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Aloe Vera in the kitchen: a functional food

The use of Aloe Vera is becoming more and more varied and popular, not in vain has aloe been known throughout history as the plant with a thousand uses. Currently, research in human nutrition is focused on the components of food, it is sought that in addition to being nutritious, they favor and contribute to improving the state of health of the human being. What causes the greatest worldwide interest is the relationship between food and the effects of nutrition on cognitive functions, immunity, work capacity and sports performance of the human being. In summary, research in recent years has shown the role played by certain chemical-nutritional components in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. All this results in a change from the concept of food as sources of nutrients to a more comprehensive one that translates into the potential that food can have, not only to nourish but also to prevent and cure diseases. In general, functional foods are considered as health promoters, since they contain chemical substances that contribute to prevent certain diseases, and therefore, to a good state of health of the individual that allows them to prolong or improve their quality of life. Hence the importance of including in the daily diet foods rich in properties, beneficial to the body such as Aloe Vera Terraloe Crystals, which can be considered as a FUNCTIONAL FOOD since they have specific and beneficial characteristics and properties for human health and nutrition. In this sense, we have talked on other occasions about the properties and benefits of Aloe Vera in general, but at Terraloe our goal is to make the consumption of aloe vera easier and more practical, so today we are going to tell you 6 simple ways to include Terraloe in your diet. and in that of all your family:

1. Straight from the package: You can take Terraloe it pure in small amounts in the morning or at night. This is a very effective way to combat the symptoms of heartburn.

2. Yogurts or smoothies: Adding 1 or 2 tablespoons of Terraloe in the preparation of this snack will mainly help you improve intestinal transit.

3. Infusions or teas: Including 2 small tablespoons of Terraloe in a chamomile tea will help you sleep better and reduce inflammation in the colon.

4. Salads: You can incorporate Terraloe to the dressings of all your salty salads, since it does not change the flavor at all. In addition, you can make delicious fruit salads and share with your family as a snack, especially with children. At the end of the blog we leave you 2 recipes that you will love!

5. Desserts: In a dessert like brownies or jelly, Terraloe will provide more consistency and textures that you will surely enjoy. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons per serving.

6. Hot preparations such as Soups: In any soup or cream, for example, in a pumpkin cream, the Terraloe aloe crystals will add texture without altering the flavor of the preparation. Add 1 or 2 tablespoons to each cup and enjoy this delight.

In conclusion, from the point of view of current human nutrition, scientific research has identified more than 75 compounds in Aloe vera; mainly vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other substances necessary for our body. This is why Terraloe aloe vera crystals, which are pure Aloe Vera, are a wide source of nutritional components that change and improve overall health. Terraloe is a safe product to be consumed daily since it is a natural aloe crystal extracted from fresh leaves, grown in our plantation, washed, pasteurized, clean and free of aloin. Ready to consume or use as you prefer.

Look at the Terraloe recipe that Viviana Gibelli has for you! (click on the photo)

We have another recipe that you will love: Fruit Salad with Terraloe!

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