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Terraloe The ingredient that cannot be missing!

Smoothies with Aloe Vera are a drink that, although it may seem strange at first, have a good taste and multiple health benefits. The key is knowing how to prepare them and what they can be combined with!

It is true that aloe vera is known for its great properties and benefits, but beyond the cream, aloe vera or aloe vera in drinks helps maintain optimal health, in addition to keeping the skin healthy, healthy and cared for. We can say that when you consume it, you take care of yourself from the inside out! In drinks, the healing properties of aloe vera go further, in this sense, there are many recipes that, combined with fruits and vegetables, can be delicious on the palate and of great help to improve overall health. So, in Terraloe we can think of many ways to include it in the diet, in this sense, for us the best way to take advantage of all the virtues and properties of aloe vera is to take it in juices or smoothies. There is a new ingredient that you have to put in the shopping cart, the Terraloe Aloe Vera Crystals! The rest is daring to make each recipe. Here we leave you several recipes for drinks with Terraloe that will surprise you with its delicious flavor and its multiple benefits:

Aloe vera, orange and strawberry smoothie

It is a rich smoothie that you can drink in the morning, and then eat a healthy breakfast. ● 4 tablespoons of Terraloe aloe vera crystals ● 3 strawberries. ● 1 orange without skin. ● 1/2 glass of water.

Mix everything in the blender until it has the desired texture but it is a homogeneous juice, which is drunk without straining! The best thing about this smoothie, in addition to its rich flavor, is that the strawberry helps us purify and eliminate toxins, also avoiding the accumulation of liquids. The result of the combination of these three elements is an excellent antioxidant drink.

Pineapple, ginger, apple, spinach and aloe vera smoothie

This smoothie is ideal in summer to relieve dry skin and is perfect for regenerating the skin from the diet. ● 3 pineapple slices ● 5 spinach leaves ● 1 green apple ● 1 cup of water ● 1 pinch of ginger root ● 4 tablespoons of Terraloe aloe vera crystals

Cut the fruit into pieces, in the blender place the cut fruit, the spinach, add the pinch of ginger root, the water and blend for at least 2 minutes. Finally, add the Terraloe aloe crystals. This smoothie is perfect for its detox effect. In addition, it has the advantage of being very rich in iron, calcium, and antioxidant vitamins, so your skin will thank you for it.

Pineapple, cucumber and aloe vera smoothie

Pineapple and cucumber are well known for their digestive properties, when it comes to eliminating fat and helping us purify the body.

● 3 or 4 tablespoons of Aloe Terraloe crystals. ● 1/2 cucumber. ● 1 or 2 slices of pineapple. ● 1 glass of water. Everything is placed in the blender until the desired homogeneous mixture is obtained and ready to drink. You can place just a couple of tablespoons of Terraloe in the blender and add the rest directly to each glass. This drink will help you as it provides protection and hydration to your body.


Add to all these drinks crushed ice or more water, to make it more liquid. And if you have any left over and want to reserve it for the next day, add a little lemon juice to delay the natural oxidation of the ingredients.

Sangria (non-alcoholic) with Terraloe and fruits

Making your own non-alcoholic sangria recipe is a great way to prepare healthy drinks that can be enjoyed anywhere during the day or night.

● 1 liter of juice or concentrated grape juice ● 2 cups of natural orange juice ● 1 liter of soda, soda or lemon soda ● 1 ½ cups of Terraloe aloe vera crystals ● 2 green apples cut into julienne strips ● 50 grams of sugar, sweetener or honey to your liking ● 1 lemon cut into wedges or quarters ● 2 oranges cut into wedges or quarters ● 2 peaches in syrup, drained and cut into squares ● 1 piece of cinnamon stick

Mix all the ingredients in a pitcher, except the soda and the citrus wedges. Refrigerate for at least three hours. To serve, add the soft drink and place in a glass, one orange segment, one lemon segment, fill the glass 80% full, and add crushed ice. Your friends will love this sangria recipe! Remember that you don't always need liquor to enhance the flavor of your drinks.

Do you prefer with liquor?

These are the ingredients of the sangria with liquor and Terraloe recipe in case you prefer the traditional sangria with all the ingredients ● 1 bottle of red wine. ● 1 liter of soda, soda or lemon soda. ● 1 shot or 1 oz of some other liquor: like brandy. ● ½ cup pieces of each of these fruits: peach, orange, apple, strawberry. ● 1 cup of Terraloe aloe crystals ● 4 tablespoons of sugar. In a large glass jar or container, combine all the ingredients except the soda and mix everything well. Make the recipe 4 hours in advance, and leave it in the refrigerator. When you are going to serve, add the soda or soda and decorate the drink with more fruit in each glass. In case you prepare your own sangria recipe at home, it is best to drink it at the moment to enjoy the freshness of the fruits. Our Terraloe aloe vera crystals are very nutritious, rich in water, fiber, antioxidants, in addition, they have a delicious and smooth flavor, perfect to enjoy on their own and at all times, but they are also a fabulous ingredient to create a wide variety of delicious drinks such as smoothies, teas, fruit juices, sangrías and more. With Terraloe you can add texture to your drinks, in addition to making them more nutritious. Do not wait more! Improve your health in a practical and delicious way with our aloe vera crystals ready to eat or use as you prefer.

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